Veins of the Earth is a roguelike game created in T-Engine 4.

In simplest terms, it is a

fantasy d20-themed dungeon crawler

The game has been a concept since 2011, development started in June 2013. First release came out in July 2013.

The game's source is freely available from GitHub or Bitbucket.

Inspired by Incursion by Julian Mensch. Made available under Open Game License. This is a non-profit fan project. No money is made.

Veins of the Earth vs Incursion


  • Sebsebeleb
  • DarkGod
  • Castler
  • desophos

How to contribute?

Just fork the repo, make your changes and then make a pull request back. There's a list of issues (bugs and ideas) available on bitbucket.

Remember, do NOT include anything that's not OGL (i.e. no kuo-toa or illithids).

Anything that IS OGL - for example, SRD, Incursion, or the D&D Wiki portions marked as Open Game Content - is fine.

Any contributors will be credited in the Readme.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License