Rules Changes

Changes based on Pathfinder

  • point buy is changed to start from 10. The costs are different, however.
  • favored classes add +2 hp per level; also, +1 attack (!=BAB), unless it's wizard
  • wound points equal 2xCon
  • background skills system is used

Changes compared to SRD

General changes

  • fractional saves and BAB are used
  • wound and vitality system is used
  • nerfed darkvision significantly; also, it doesn't stack with light (radius 3 light + darkvision 2 does not equal vision range 5, only 3)
  • added Luck stat
  • removed Initiative
  • saving throws take the better of two stats (Dex-Int; Con-Str; Wis-Cha)
  • added Intuition skill for item identification
  • added a divine spontaneous spellcaster (an equivalent to a sorcerer)
  • XP can be gained in other ways than killing monsters (seeing them, descending to deeper levels)
  • lizardfolk, orc, kobold as playable races
  • weapons grant parry bonuses
  • attributes can be trained just like in Incursion
  • sorcerer and shaman classes use a spell point system instead of Vancian spontaneous spellcasting

Class and race changes

  • cleric gets Lay on Hands at 1st level
  • fighter gets Summon Mount at 1st level
  • Handle Animal skill is based on Wis; Concentration skill is based on Int
  • druid has Spellcraft as a class skill
  • fighter has Intimidate as a class skill
  • sorcerer has Sense Motive and Diplomacy as class skills
  • bard, cleric, druid, rogue, ranger, sorcerer, wizard, warlock get Intuition as a class skill
  • half-elf gets +2 Cha. Bard as favored class.
  • half-drow is a half-elf without +1 diplomacy and with darkvision 2. Cleric as favored class.
  • elf has Ranger as favored class.
  • drow males have Rogue as favored class
  • humans have no favored class
  • no XP penalty for multiclassing
  • classes have attribute score requirements

Combat (feats/spells) changes

  • Two Weapon Fighting penalties tweaked to be the same for mainhand and offhand: without TWF, the penalty is -8; without TWF but with a light weapon in offhand it's -6; with TWF it's -4; with TWF & light offhand it's -2. Note that the last two are identical to SRD, they are included for completeness only.
  • folded Lightning Reflexes into Dodge; Great Fortitude into Toughness
  • Toughness adds +10% hp instead of a flat +3 bonus
  • all casters gain spells at the same fixed rate - a new spell level every 3rd level
  • Magic Missile spell allows for Fort save for half damage
  • added heal spells which heal a percentage of total hp (as opposed to traditional cure spells)
  • Mage Armor moved to abjuration school

Changes compared to Incursion

  • no fatigue
  • only sorcerer and shaman classes use a spell points system
  • no coverage or weapon speed bonus
  • no Initiative in any form or shape
  • no attack bonuses/penalties for range or stealth
  • same BAB for melee and ranged
  • no tanglefoot bags
  • max skill ranks work as per SRD
  • only one attribute used for a given skill
  • cross-class skills are present
  • only one favored class for a race
  • every class can choose a deity at start
  • Animal Empathy renamed to Handle Animal
  • Wilderness Lore renamed to Survival
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