Silver Standard

Veins of the Earth assume the basic currency is silver, not gold (as opposed to source material and many games out there).

Therefore item prices differ greatly from source material.

A genre-savvy player might find out some of weapon/armor prices are based on Runequest/Darklands.


In Theyra, copper, silver, gold and platinum coins are used.

1 gp = 20 sp = 200 cp = 1/10 pp


Weapons and armor are priced in silver for the most part. Expensive armor (chain mail, plate armor) or exotic weaponry have a going price in platinum. The cheapest weapons, which are basically adapted farming implements, are priced in copper pieces.

Potions and poisons are priced in gold by the source material price (effectively making them 2x more expensive due to the change in gold:silver exchange ratio).

Other magic items are priced in platinum, shaving off one zero from the source material price.

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