Veins of the Earth vs Incursion
Veins of the Earth Incursion
Access to code Open source Open source
Development 2013- 1999-2007; 2014-
Engine/programming language T-Engine / Lua Original/ original
Documentation In-game help; modding docs; wikidot manual In-game help, replicated in manual; no modding info
Houserules Tweaks detailed in game wiki Coverage, attack speed; armor reducing damage; no cross-class skills
Modding Documented, easy Not documented, pretty difficult
Spell-casting Vancian mana
Dungeon levels Infinite 10
Character levels cap 40-50 11
Dungeons Varies from dungeon to dungeon Persistent
Caster levels Class levels Different classes stack
Spells implemented 0-3 spell level Up to and including spell level 6
Item identification Implemented Implemented
Psionics TBD (Mostly) implemented
Alchemical items TBD Implemented
Search/traps/hiding Implemented Implemented
Attack modes Polearm, shoot Polearm, shoot, bull rush, charge, grapple
Lore/notes Yes No
Overmap Yes No
Other dungeons Yes No
Cities Yes No
Difficulty settings Yes No
Variant switches Yes No
Inventory T-Engine based (with paperdolls) Omega-based
Interface T-Engine / mouse support / tiles ASCII
‘You are empty-handed’ pop-up No Yes
Works on Win 7 Yes Yes
Known game-crashing bugs None Chasm on level 10; casting AoE spells without enough floor space
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